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Perfecto Mundo Red Azaleas

Perfecto Mundo® Reblooming Azalea


It's time for some new azaleas.

Azalea lovers are spoiled for choice these days, but for those that demand an azalea that truly does it all, there’s the Perfecto Mundo® series. Developed in North Carolina by one of North America’s most innovative plant breeders, Perfecto Mundo azaleas combine outstanding spring bloom with a lush, dense habit, pure, saturated colors, pest and disease resistance, and flowers that put on an applause-worthy repeat performance in late summer/fall. 

Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs undertook the most extensive evaluation and trial in their nearly 20 year history to select only the very best from hundreds of individual plants to make the Perfecto Mundo series as perfect as possible.  And we’re not done yet! Each year, the series grows to include new colors and flower forms.

If easy-care color is what you seek for your landscape or garden, don’t settle for one-note azaleas; go for the total package – Perfecto Mundo azaleas.

Watch as Dr. Judson LeCompte, our New Product Development Assistant Manager, details the trial, evaluation, and selection process for Perfecto Mundo azaleas.

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Perfecto Mundo Double Pink in a 3 gallon pot
Perfecto Mundo®
Double Pink
Perfecto Mundo Red in a Pot
Perfecto Mundo® Red
Perfecto Mundo White in a 3 gallon pot
Perfecto Mundo®
Double White
Perfecto Mundo Purple in a pot
Perfecto Mundo®
Double Purple
Perfecto Mundo Double Dark Pink in a pot
Perfecto Mundo®
Double Dark Pink
Perfecto Mundo Orange in a 3 gallon pot
Perfecto Mundo®
Dr. Tom Ranney

Meet the Breeder

Dr. Tom Ranney is a professor of horticultural science at North Carolina State University. His research at the Mountain Horticultural Crops and Research Station focuses on the development of new plant varieties for landscape and bioenergy. It is through this program that he developed the Perfecto Mundo series, as well as over 50 other ornamentally important new varieties. Tom has also been awarded the Scott Medal, been named Outstanding Graduate Educator, Fellow, and Outstanding Researcher by the American Society for Horticultural Science, and has won the H. Marc Cathey Award and Luther Burbank Award from the American Horticultural Society.